Invicta Watches Review

Invicta watches are time-tested timepieces that are working testaments to brand and personality. This exceptional kind of timepieces started at La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland in 1837. This used to manufacture the usual automatic and mechanical types of watches until it was drowned out when the Quartz watches took the market by storm.

Invicta regained its original position in the market in the 1990’s when the company was bought from the original owner Raphael Picard and his associates and established its new headquarters in Hollywood.In the year 2000, the company focused more on the oversized but perfectly fitted watches which gave way for the first dive watch Ocean Ghost and ultimately its world-renowned Invicta Grand Diver collection.

Invicti watches are also known for their exquisite construction, both technically and aesthetically. It is known for its watches’ skeletonized movements and its exquisite gold layering technique. Invicta has around 30 collections that any watch lover may love to choose from. They have watches that will match differing tastes and preferences of individuals; even the customers most specific demands on timepieces have been considered in the construction of its many watch types.

The basic principle of the company stays the same ever since the time it started; it is to ensure that there is a high-quality watch with exquisite design and function that is affordable for every individual.

Among the very popular collections, the Jason Taylor limited edition is one of the most sought after. This collection includes a vast array of analog watches that have been constructed with the famous NFL star. They all come with quartz chronograph movements. Its flagship model which is a standout among the many is the Specialty Black Diamond Reserve that is popular for being self-winding. This collection is also known for its increased water resistance which reaches up to 1,000 meters deep.

Another popular collection is the Russian Diver Nautilus Skeleton. This model is known as the most ambitious with its many highly preferred features among watch users. This watch comes with a great case construction that makes time visible both on the front and back. Despite that, it still manages to be water resistant reaching up to 1,000 meters deep. The watch’s movement is known to be of high mechanical caliber. It also has that special Russian style housing that is made of stainless steel. There are also several versions to go with it.

An added iconic collection is the Invicta Lupah collection. This collection is known for being sassy and popular. It is known to have the right curves and comes with a silver dial face.